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remarkable recreation!!

Pretty close remake of any and most of the sailor toon series! Amazing detail and attention to actual characters, animation, effects and story. I almost couldn't tell the difference between this and the real thing... :) My brother will appreciate the parody and I'll enjoy subjecting him to this. thank you.


for being up late on a weekday work night, awakened from a sleep by an insistantly exuberant and hungry cat, this flash was wildly funny to me. Most especially the sounds of the fight scene at the end of the story!!! warattemasuyo!!

I laughed

Did these guys all have epilepsy when they talked, cuz they sure shook like it. I'm not quite sure what was going on here, but I sot a good laugh outta it.


I'm digging on this one!! Way back, long time ago, I did one of the time trials and they wanted madness tribute and mine was kind of non-traditional as well. Of course there were the 'this isn't madness' comments, but those are just the folks who don't appreciate the gems found out in left field. Kudos on this! Each one of these was a wonderful departure from the norm, my favorite being the strangeness at the end with dr. katz.

a first?

Thank you for adding this! You show much skill here! Good and smooth animations, nice characters, beautiful glimpse into the girl's world. I really enjoyed watching. If your others are this good, I can't wait to see.

Pierson responds:

Thank you so much for commenting, means alot to read something so positive! I'll try get something else up! All the best

The between -- undeniably good!

I really enjoy how you employ the mix of media in this. The backgrounds for the between world is brilliantly imaginative. You're quite the storyteller, too with good plot and clever comedy. This one gets top billing from me! As for you, I've checked out your other works and am continually impressed. I hope to see more works from you.

SensationalSoftware responds:

Thanks for the compliments, i really appreciate it. I've already started on the script for the next ep, it shouldn't be too long, I hope.


I liked the look of this! Your drawings and animations were nicely done and freshly original. I hope to see more from you.

good start

You've done well with your first submission and you should be proud! Well done character animation and backgrounds tied in with good action shots! Good job. Hope to see more from you.

A breath of rare, rawkin' coolness

You just don't see this sort of thing here much and, while that is a shame, it does make me appreciate these rare occasions when a gem like this shows up. Very nice.

grabbelfant responds:



Nice walk-a-thon grafx and very smooth animation style. Megusta!!!!

Sometimes the greatest thing about a particular flash are comments left by retards... Better yet, the retort when the artist is an asshole!! Its the total entertainment package!!

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