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ya. It made me chuckle. Sounds like you've been blammed a time or two...hahahha maybe folks will see the humor in this and it'll pass. NOt good flash, but not bad either.

Is that a mirror in yer pocket?

This is a very cool, short & sweet flash. The facial expressions seemed very realistic and right on with the emotions conveyed. You can just see the disappointment on the guys face especially after the first time he was shot down.
I recommended this one to my best friend, 'cause that dude looks and acts waaay too much like his little brother.... If I didn't know better, I'd say you knew Brandon, too.!!


Good game. Nice grafx and somewhat challenging gameplay. This ran a bit slow on my computer though, but I played all the way through. It seemed that the cat inflicted more damage than the cars...
Good job!

Great Game

Very fun and addicting--both needed aspects of a truly great game. Simple grafix and easy to use control makes this an A+ flash.

not bad..

but it really didn't play well for me, perhaps because the speed of my computer--everything was waaaayy slow. Maybe on faster ones its much better. The graphics were fine, though and the sound was ok.

not bad

I've got the best job, got lots of money, my own apartment, can get Britney to come over, have over 200 strength, over 400 int, and still cant get the middle chick at the bar to be interested. What does she want? hhahaha
This one reminds me of simgirl and has many similar things, howvever in this one there seems to be no particular point in which "you win". I did like that at the beginning the only way to get 'happy' points was drinking and then later as you get the better job, the happy points come from bossing people around. Nice.
All in all, not a bad game. My only question is, does it end or do you just keep going. An overall objective would keep players from getting bored so quick. Maybe some other distractions as well would help, like more conversation with the girls, different ways to boost strength, like going to a gym or something, having to come up with rent money each month, mom bumming money from you when you've got the apartment. Little things like that might boost replay value. I guess you could get pretty involved with it if you wanted to. Good game!! Good luck.

Great tutorial

I don't have that program, but if i get it, then this will help out a lot. Very informative. I liked that I could toggle the sound on and off.
Great Job. Deserves more good ratings and less rantings from 14-year-olds like that turd-burgler that posted earlier. Kudos

111287 responds:

Exactly, thank you.


It all works well and looks good, but this is a copy of the arcade game 1943.

Ryaareet2000 responds:

I know...I have already mentioned that.

Nice game

Don't hit the birds!!! Fly the friendly skies and don't frazzle your fine featherd friends. Fun. After a while, don't the chiping noises become distracting? Nice game!

Sometimes the greatest thing about a particular flash are comments left by retards... Better yet, the retort when the artist is an asshole!! Its the total entertainment package!!

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